San Pasqual Reservation Fire Academy

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This Academy Provides:

15.5 College credits through the California Community College System. The San Pasqual Reservation Fire Academy is designed to train and equip cadets to meet the state of California Fire Marshal, Firefighter Academy Standards, and IFSAC Firefighter I & II. Our Firefighter curriculum is presented in a condensed 14 week format totaling 664 training hours.



1.     IFSAC Accredited Firefighter I & Firefighter II

2.     IFSAC - Firefighter I

3.     IFSAC - Firefighter II

4.     IFSAC Rope Rescue Level 1

5.     IFSAC Vehicle Extrication 1

6.     IFSAC Technical Rescue Core

7.     IFSAC Haz Mat Fro "Operations"

8.     IFSAC Haz Mat Fra "Awareness"

9.     IFSAC Haz Mat Ops MSC Product Control

10.   IFSAC Haz Mat Ops MSC Personal Protective Equipment

11.   IFSAC Wildland Firefighter 1

12.   CSFM Auto Extrication

13.   CSFM I-200 Basic ICS

14.   CSFM Firefighter Survival                                                                                                                                                   

15.   CSFM Confined Space Rescue Awareness

16.   CSFM Rapid Intervention Crew Operations

17.   CSFM Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational

18.   CSFM Fire Control 1 Basic Fire Chemistry

19.   CSFM Fire Control 2 Basic Operations - Structural

20.   CSFM - Haz Mat First Responder Operational Level

21.   CSFM Fire Control 3B Structural Firefighting

22.   CSFM Accredited Firefighter I Academy

23.   NWCG ICS 100 Introduction to ICS

24.   NWCG ICS 200 Basic ICS

25.   NWCG S-110 Basic Fire Suppression Orientation

26.   NWCG S-130 Firefighter Training

27.   NWCG S-131 Firefighter Type I Training

28.   NWCG S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

29.   NWCG L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire

30.   CSTI Haz Mat First Responder Awareness/ Operations

31.   CSTI Haz Mat First Responder Operations Decon

32.   Truck Operation Awareness

33.   Swiftwater Rescue Awarenes